November 9th All Events

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November 9th, 2006 (November 09 2006)DeathEd Bradley, American journalist (born in 1941)
November 9th, 2006 (November 09 2006)DeathMarkus Wolf, East German Intelligence Director (born in 1923)
November 9th, 2005 (November 09 2005)EventThe Venus Express mission of the European Space Agency is launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
November 9th, 2005 (November 09 2005)EventSuicide bombers attacked three hotels in Amman, Jordan, killing at least 60 people.
November 9th, 2005 (November 09 2005)DeathK. R. Narayanan, President of India (born in 1921)
November 9th, 2004 (November 09 2004)EventThe initial release date of the mozilla firefox web browser.
November 9th, 2004 (November 09 2004)DeathIris Chang, Asian author (born in 1968)
November 9th, 2003 (November 09 2003)EventA suicide-terrorist attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, kills 17 people.
November 9th, 2003 (November 09 2003)DeathArt Carney, American actor (born in 1918)
November 9th, 2003 (November 09 2003)DeathGordon Onslow Ford, English painter (born in 1912)
November 9th, 2003 (November 09 2003)DeathBinod Bihari Verma, Indian Maithili literateur (b.1937)
November 9th, 2002 (November 09 2002)DeathWilliam Schutz, American psychologist (born in 1925)
November 9th, 2002 (November 09 2002)DeathMerlin Santana, American actor (born in 1976)
November 9th, 2001 (November 09 2001)DeathNiels Jannasch, Canadian historian and museum curator (born in 1924)
November 9th, 2000 (November 09 2000)DeathHugh Paddick, British actor (born in 1915)
November 9th, 1999 (November 09 1999)EventTAESA Flight 725, crashes a few minutes after leaving the Uruapan airport en-route to Mexico City. 18 people were killed in the accident.
November 9th, 1998 (November 09 1998)EventBrokerage houses are ordered to pay 1.03 billion USD to cheated NASDAQ investors to compensate for their price-fixing. This is the largest civil settlement in United States history.
November 9th, 1998 (November 09 1998)EventCapital punishment in the United Kingdom, already abolished for murder, is completely abolished for all remaining capital offences.
November 9th, 1998 (November 09 1998)DeathUrsula Reit, German actress (born in 1914)
November 9th, 1997 (November 09 1997)DeathHelenio Herrera, French football player and coach (born in 1910)
November 9th, 1994 (November 09 1994)EventThe chemical element Darmstadtium is discovered.
November 9th, 1993 (November 09 1993)EventStari most, the "old bridge" in Bosnian Mostar built in 1566, collapses after several days of bombing.
November 9th, 1991 (November 09 1991)DeathYves Montand, French actor (born in 1921)
November 9th, 1990 (November 09 1990)EventNew democratic constitution is issued in Nepal.
November 9th, 1990 (November 09 1990)EventMary Robinson is elected Ireland s first female President and the first from the Labour Party.
November 9th, 1989 (November 09 1989)EventCold War: Fall of the Berlin Wall. Communist-controlled East Germany opens checkpoints in the Berlin Wall allowing its citizens to travel to West Germany. People start demolishing the Berlin Wall.
November 9th, 1988 (November 09 1988)BirthNikki Blonsky, American actress
November 9th, 1988 (November 09 1988)DeathFather David Bauer, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1924)
November 9th, 1988 (November 09 1988)DeathJohn N. Mitchell, United States Attorney General (born in 1913)John Mitchell Quotes
November 9th, 1985 (November 09 1985)EventGarry Kasparov 22, of the Soviet Union becomes the youngest World Chess Champion by beating Anatoly Karpov, also of the Soviet Union.Garry Kasparov Quotes
November 9th, 1984 (November 09 1984)BirthDelta Goodrem, Australian singer
November 9th, 1984 (November 09 1984)BirthJoel Zumaya, American baseball player
November 9th, 1981 (November 09 1981)BirthScottie Thompson, American actress
November 9th, 1980 (November 09 1980)BirthJames Harper, English footballer
November 9th, 1980 (November 09 1980)BirthDominique Maltais, Quebec snowboarder
November 9th, 1980 (November 09 1980)BirthVanessa Minillo, Filipino television personality
November 9th, 1980 (November 09 1980)DeathVictor Sen Yung, American actor (born in 1915)
November 9th, 1979 (November 09 1979)BirthAdam Dunn, American baseball player
November 9th, 1979 (November 09 1979)BirthCaroline Flack, British television presenter
November 9th, 1979 (November 09 1979)BirthMartin Taylor, English footballer
November 9th, 1978 (November 09 1978)BirthSteven Lopez, American taekwondo martial artist Martial Quotes
November 9th, 1978 (November 09 1978)BirthTodd Self, American baseball player
November 9th, 1978 (November 09 1978)BirthSisqo, American singer (Dru Hill)
November 9th, 1977 (November 09 1977)DeathFred Haney, American baseball player (born in 1898)
November 9th, 1974 (November 09 1974)BirthAlessandro Del Piero, Italian footballer
November 9th, 1974 (November 09 1974)BirthJoe C., American rapper (died in 2000)
November 9th, 1974 (November 09 1974)BirthUncle Kracker, American singer and rapper
November 9th, 1973 (November 09 1973)BirthAlyson Court, Canadian actress
November 9th, 1973 (November 09 1973)BirthNick Lachey, American singer
November 9th, 1973 (November 09 1973)BirthGabrielle Miller, Canadian actress
November 9th, 1973 (November 09 1973)BirthZisis Vryzas, Greek footballer
November 9th, 1972 (November 09 1972)BirthEric Dane, American actor
November 9th, 1972 (November 09 1972)BirthDoug Russell, American radio personality
November 9th, 1972 (November 09 1972)BirthCorin Tucker, American musician (Sleater-Kinney)
November 9th, 1971 (November 09 1971)EventJohn List, an accountant from Westfield, New Jersey murders his mother, wife and three children. He then hides under a new identity for 18 years.
November 9th, 1971 (November 09 1971)BirthDavid Duval, American golfer
November 9th, 1971 (November 09 1971)BirthMelinda Kinnaman, Swedish actress
November 9th, 1971 (November 09 1971)BirthBig Punisher, real name Christopher Rios, American rapper (died in 2000)
November 9th, 1971 (November 09 1971)DeathMaude Fealy, American actor (born in 1881)
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)EventVietnam War: The Supreme Court of the United States votes 6 to 3 against hearing a case to allow Massachusetts to enforce its law granting residents the right to refuse military service in an undeclared war.
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)BirthChris Jericho, Canadian wrestler and musician (Fozzy)
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)BirthSusan Tedeschi, American musician
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)BirthGuido Gortzen, Dutch volleyball player
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)BirthScarface, American rapper
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)BirthDomino (Hip Hop Producer), American Hip Hop Producer
November 9th, 1970 (November 09 1970)DeathCharles de Gaulle, President of France (born in 1890)Charles de Gaulle Quotes
November 9th, 1969 (November 09 1969)BirthAllison Wolfe, American musician (Bratmobile, Cold Cold Hearts, Partyline)
November 9th, 1968 (November 09 1968)BirthNazzareno Carusi, Italian pianist
November 9th, 1968 (November 09 1968)DeathJan Johansson, Swedish jazz pianist (born in 1931)
November 9th, 1967 (November 09 1967)EventApollo program: NASA launches the unmanned Apollo 4 test spacecraft atop the first Saturn V rocket from Cape Kennedy, Florida.
November 9th, 1967 (November 09 1967)EventFirst issue of Rolling Stone Magazine is published.
November 9th, 1967 (November 09 1967)BirthRicky Otto, English footballer
November 9th, 1965 (November 09 1965)EventSeveral U.S. states and parts of Canada are hit by a series of blackouts lasting up to 13 hours in the Northeast Blackout of 1965.
November 9th, 1965 (November 09 1965)EventCatholic Worker member Roger Allen LaPorte, protesting against the Vietnam War, sets himself on fire in front of the United Nations building.
November 9th, 1965 (November 09 1965)EventNortheast Blackout of 1965, The power lines from Niagara Falls to New York City were operating near their maximum capacity. At about 5:15 a transmission line relay failed.
November 9th, 1965 (November 09 1965)BirthBryn Terfel, Welsh baritone
November 9th, 1965 (November 09 1965)BirthTeryl Rothery, Canadian actress
November 9th, 1964 (November 09 1964)BirthRobert Duncan McNeill, American actor
November 9th, 1964 (November 09 1964)BirthSandy Denton, American musician ("Pepa" of Salt-N-Pepa)
November 9th, 1963 (November 09 1963)EventAt Miike coal mine, Miike, Japan, an explosion kills 458, and hospitalises 839 with carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, in Japan, a three-train disaster occurs in Yokohama, kills more than 160 people.
November 9th, 1963 (November 09 1963)BirthFulvio Fantoni, Italian bridge player
November 9th, 1961 (November 09 1961)BirthJill Dando, British television presenter (died in 1999)
November 9th, 1960 (November 09 1960)EventRobert McNamara is named president of Ford Motor Co., the first non-Ford to serve in that post. A month later, he quit to join the newly-elected John F. Kennedy administration.Robert McNamara Quotes
November 9th, 1959 (November 09 1959)BirthThomas Quasthoff, German singer
November 9th, 1959 (November 09 1959)BirthTony Slattery, British actor
November 9th, 1959 (November 09 1959)BirthNick Hamilton, American wrestling referee
November 9th, 1959 (November 09 1959)BirthSito Pons, Spanish motorbike racer
November 9th, 1957 (November 09 1957)DeathPeter O Connor, Irish athlete (born in 1872)
November 9th, 1955 (November 09 1955)BirthBob Nault, French Canadian politician
November 9th, 1955 (November 09 1955)BirthKaren Dotrice, British actress
November 9th, 1955 (November 09 1955)BirthFernando Meirelles, Brazilian film director
November 9th, 1954 (November 09 1954)BirthDennis Stratton, British musician, (Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis)
November 9th, 1954 (November 09 1954)BirthSue Upton, English actress and dancer
November 9th, 1953 (November 09 1953)EventCambodia becomes independent from France.
November 9th, 1953 (November 09 1953)BirthGaetan Hart, Canadian boxer
November 9th, 1953 (November 09 1953)DeathDylan Thomas, Welsh poet and author (born in 1914)
November 9th, 1953 (November 09 1953)DeathAbdul Aziz Al-Saud, first King of Saudi Arabia (born in 1880)
November 9th, 1952 (November 09 1952)BirthSherrod Brown, American politician, junior senator of Ohio
November 9th, 1952 (November 09 1952)DeathChaim Weizmann, 1st President of Israel (born in 1874)
November 9th, 1952 (November 09 1952)DeathPhilip Murray, 1st president of the United Steelworkers and longest-serving president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (born in 1886)Al Murray Quotes
November 9th, 1951 (November 09 1951)BirthLou Ferrigno, American bodybuilder
November 9th, 1951 (November 09 1951)BirthBill Mantlo, American comic book writer
November 9th, 1951 (November 09 1951)DeathSigmund Romberg, Hungarian-born composer (born in 1887)
November 9th, 1948 (November 09 1948)BirthMichel Pagliaro, Quebec singer
November 9th, 1948 (November 09 1948)BirthBille August, Danish film and television director
November 9th, 1948 (November 09 1948)BirthHenrik S. Jarrel, Swedish politician
November 9th, 1947 (November 09 1947)BirthRobert David Hall, American actor
November 9th, 1944 (November 09 1944)BirthPhil May, English singer (The Pretty Things)
November 9th, 1944 (November 09 1944)DeathFrank Marshall, American chess player (born in 1877)
November 9th, 1942 (November 09 1942)BirthTom Weiskopf, American golfer
November 9th, 1942 (November 09 1942)DeathEdna May Oliver, American actress (born in 1883)
November 9th, 1941 (November 09 1941)BirthTom Fogerty, American musician (Creedence Clearwater Revival) (died in 1990)
November 9th, 1940 (November 09 1940)DeathStephen Peter Alencastre, Portuguese Catholic prelate (born in 1876)
November 9th, 1940 (November 09 1940)DeathNeville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1869)
November 9th, 1939 (November 09 1939)BirthPaul Cameron, American psychologistRon Paul Quotes
November 9th, 1938 (November 09 1938)EventKristallnacht, Nazi Germany s first large-scale physical act of anti-Jewish violence, begins.
November 9th, 1938 (November 09 1938)BirthTi-Grace Atkinson, American feminist author
November 9th, 1938 (November 09 1938)DeathVasily Blyukher, Soviet military commander (b.1889)
November 9th, 1937 (November 09 1937)EventJapanese troops take control of Shanghai, China.
November 9th, 1937 (November 09 1937)BirthRoger McGough, English poet
November 9th, 1937 (November 09 1937)BirthClyde Wells, Canadian politician
November 9th, 1937 (November 09 1937)DeathRamsay MacDonald, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (born in 1866)
November 9th, 1936 (November 09 1936)BirthDaniel Robert Graham, American politician
November 9th, 1936 (November 09 1936)BirthMikhail Tal, Latvian chess player (died in 1992)
November 9th, 1936 (November 09 1936)BirthTeddy Infuhr, American former child actor (died in 2007)
November 9th, 1935 (November 09 1935)EventThe Congress of Industrial Organizations is founded in Atlantic City, New Jersey by eight trade unions belonging to the American Federation of Labor.
November 9th, 1935 (November 09 1935)BirthBob Gibson, American baseball player
November 9th, 1934 (November 09 1934)BirthIngvar Carlsson, Swedish politician
November 9th, 1934 (November 09 1934)BirthCarl Sagan, American astronomer and writer (died in 1996)Carl Sagan Quotes
November 9th, 1932 (November 09 1932)EventRiots between conservative and socialist supporters in Switzerland kill 12 and injure 60.
November 9th, 1931 (November 09 1931)BirthWhitey Herzog, American baseball player
November 9th, 1929 (November 09 1929)BirthMarc Favreau, French Canadian humourist (died in 2005)
November 9th, 1929 (November 09 1929)BirthImre Kertesz, Hungarian writer, Nobel laureate
November 9th, 1928 (November 09 1928)BirthAnne Sexton, American poet (died in 1974)
November 9th, 1926 (November 09 1926)BirthDominguin, Spanish bullfighter (died in 1996)
November 9th, 1925 (November 09 1925)BirthSir Alistair Horne, British historian
November 9th, 1924 (November 09 1924)BirthRobert Frank, Swiss Photographer
November 9th, 1924 (November 09 1924)DeathHenry Cabot Lodge, American Senator (born in 1850)Henry Cabot Lodge Quotes
November 9th, 1923 (November 09 1923)EventIn Munich, Germany, police and government troops crush the Beer Hall Putsch in Bavaria. The failed coup is the work of the Nazis.
November 9th, 1923 (November 09 1923)BirthAlice Coachman, American athlete
November 9th, 1923 (November 09 1923)BirthDorothy Dandridge, American actress (died in 1965)
November 9th, 1922 (November 09 1922)BirthRaymond Devos, French humorist (died in 2006) Devo Quotes
November 9th, 1922 (November 09 1922)BirthImre Lakatos, Hungarian philosopher (died in 1974) Philo Quotes
November 9th, 1921 (November 09 1921)EventAlbert Einstein is awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work with the photoelectric effect.Albert Einstein Quotes
November 9th, 1921 (November 09 1921)BirthViktor Chukarin, Soviet gymnast (died in 1984)
November 9th, 1921 (November 09 1921)BirthPierrette Alarie, Canadian soprano
November 9th, 1920 (November 09 1920)BirthByron de la Beckwith, American assassin, white supremacist (died in 2001)Byron White Quotes
November 9th, 1919 (November 09 1919)DeathEduard Muller, member of the Swiss Federal Council (born in 1848)
November 9th, 1918 (November 09 1918)EventKaiser Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates after the German Revolution, and Germany is proclaimed a Republic.
November 9th, 1918 (November 09 1918)BirthChoi Hong Hi, Founder of Taekwon-Do (died in 2002)
November 9th, 1918 (November 09 1918)BirthSpiro Agnew, 39th Vice President of the United States (died in 1996)Spiro Agnew Quotes
November 9th, 1918 (November 09 1918)BirthThomas Ferebee, Enola Gay bombardier over Hiroshima (died in 2000)
November 9th, 1918 (November 09 1918)DeathGuillaume Apollinaire, French poet (born in 1880)Guillaume Apollinaire Quotes
November 9th, 1917 (November 09 1917)EventJoseph Stalin enters the provisional government of the USSR.Joseph Stalin Quotes
November 9th, 1915 (November 09 1915)BirthAndre Francois, French cartoonist (died in 2005)
November 9th, 1915 (November 09 1915)BirthSargent Shriver, American politician
November 9th, 1913 (November 09 1913)BirthHedy Lamarr, Austrian actress and inventor (died in 2000)
November 9th, 1911 (November 09 1911)BirthTabish Dehlvi, Pakistani poet (died in 2004)
November 9th, 1911 (November 09 1911)DeathHoward Pyle, American author (born in 1853)
November 9th, 1907 (November 09 1907)EventThe Cullinan Diamond is presented to King Edward VII on his birthday.
November 9th, 1906 (November 09 1906)EventTheodore Roosevelt is the first sitting President of the United States to make an official trip outside the country. He did so to inspect progress on the Panama Canal.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
November 9th, 1906 (November 09 1906)BirthArthur Rudolph, German rocket engineer (died in 1996)
November 9th, 1905 (November 09 1905)BirthErika Mann, German writer (died in 1969)
November 9th, 1904 (November 09 1904)BirthViktor Brack, Nazi physician (died in 1948)Viktor Brack Quotes
November 9th, 1902 (November 09 1902)BirthAnthony Asquith, British film director (died in 1968)
November 9th, 1897 (November 09 1897)BirthHarvey Hendrick, American baseball player (died in 1941)
November 9th, 1897 (November 09 1897)BirthRonald George Wreyford Norrish, British chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1978)
November 9th, 1895 (November 09 1895)BirthMae Marsh, American actress (died in 1968)
November 9th, 1890 (November 09 1890)BirthGeorge Regas, Greek actor (died in 1940)
November 9th, 1889 (November 09 1889)BirthJean Monnet, French internationalist (died in 1979)
November 9th, 1888 (November 09 1888)EventJack the Ripper kills Mary Jane Kelly, his last known victim.
November 9th, 1888 (November 09 1888)DeathMary Jane Kelly, last known Jack the Ripper victim.
November 9th, 1887 (November 09 1887)EventThe United States receives rights to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
November 9th, 1886 (November 09 1886)BirthS. O. Davies, Welsh politician (died in 1972)
November 9th, 1886 (November 09 1886)BirthEd Wynn, American actor (died in 1966)
November 9th, 1885 (November 09 1885)BirthHermann Weyl, German mathematician (died in 1955)
November 9th, 1885 (November 09 1885)BirthTheodor Kaluza, German scientist (died in 1954)
November 9th, 1885 (November 09 1885)BirthAureliano Pertile, Italian tenor (died in 1952)
November 9th, 1883 (November 09 1883)BirthEdna May Oliver, American actress (died in 1942)
November 9th, 1881 (November 09 1881)DeathEdwin Drake, Father of the oil industry, drilled the first oil well.
November 9th, 1880 (November 09 1880)BirthSir Giles Gilbert Scott, English architect, designer of the red telephone box (died in 1960)
November 9th, 1879 (November 09 1879)BirthMilan Sufflay, Croatian politician (died in 1931)
November 9th, 1877 (November 09 1877)BirthEnrico De Nicola, Italian politician (died in 1959)
November 9th, 1877 (November 09 1877)BirthAllama Iqbal, British Indian poet and politician (died in 1938)
November 9th, 1874 (November 09 1874)BirthAlbert Francis Blakeslee, American botanist (died in 1954)
November 9th, 1873 (November 09 1873)BirthOtfrid Foerster, German neurologist (died in 1941)
November 9th, 1872 (November 09 1872)EventThe Great Boston Fire of 1872.
November 9th, 1872 (November 09 1872)BirthBohdan Lepky, Ukrainian writer and poet (died in 1941)
November 9th, 1869 (November 09 1869)BirthMarie Dressler, Canadian actress (died in 1934)
November 9th, 1867 (November 09 1867)EventTokugawa Shogunate hands power back to the Emperor of Japan, starting the Meiji Restoration.
November 9th, 1862 (November 09 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Union General Ambrose Burnside assumes command of the Army of the Potomac, after George B. McClellan is removed. Ambrose Quotes
November 9th, 1861 (November 09 1861)EventThe first documented football match in Canada is played at University College, University of Toronto.
November 9th, 1853 (November 09 1853)BirthStanford White, American architect (died in 1906)
November 9th, 1851 (November 09 1851)EventKentucky marshals abduct abolitionist minister Calvin Fairbank from Jeffersonville, Indiana, and take him to Kentucky to stand trial for helping a slave escape.
November 9th, 1848 (November 09 1848)EventRobert Blum, a German revolutionary, is executed in Vienna.
November 9th, 1848 (November 09 1848)DeathRobert Blum, German politician (born in 1810)
November 9th, 1841 (November 09 1841)BirthKing Edward VII of the United Kingdom (died in 1910)
November 9th, 1840 (November 09 1840)BirthJoseph-Adolphe Chapleau, French Canadian lawyer (died in 1898)
November 9th, 1832 (November 09 1832)BirthEmile Gaboriau, French writer (died in 1873)
November 9th, 1825 (November 09 1825)BirthA.P. Hill, American Confederate general (died in 1865)
November 9th, 1810 (November 09 1810)BirthBernhard von Langenbeck, German surgeon (died in 1887)
November 9th, 1809 (November 09 1809)DeathPaul Sandby, English cartographer (born in 1725)
November 9th, 1802 (November 09 1802)BirthElijah P. Lovejoy, American abolitionist (died in 1837)
November 9th, 1799 (November 09 1799)EventNapoleon Bonaparte leads the Coup d etat of 18 Brumaire ending the Directory government, and becoming one of its three Consuls (Consulate Government).Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
November 9th, 1778 (November 09 1778)DeathGiovanni Battista Piranesi, Italian artist (born in 1720)
November 9th, 1770 (November 09 1770)DeathJohn Campbell, 4th Duke of Argyll, Scottish politicianJohn Scott Quotes
November 9th, 1766 (November 09 1766)DeathUnico Wilhelm van Wassenaer, Dutch composer (born in 1692)
November 9th, 1764 (November 09 1764)EventMary Campbell, a captive of the Lenape during the French and Indian War, is turned over to forces commanded by Colonel Henry Bouquet.
November 9th, 1732 (November 09 1732)BirthJulie de Lespinasse, French aristocrat, hostess and writer (died in 1776)
November 9th, 1731 (November 09 1731)BirthBenjamin Banneker, American scientist (died in 1806)
November 9th, 1729 (November 09 1729)EventSpain, France and Great Britain sign the Treaty of Seville.
November 9th, 1721 (November 09 1721)BirthMark Akenside, English poet and physician (died in 1770)Mark Akenside Quotes
November 9th, 1717 (November 09 1717)BirthJohann Joachim Winckelmann, German archaeologist (died in 1768)
November 9th, 1699 (November 09 1699)DeathHortense Mancini, mistress of Charles II, King of England (born in 1646)King of England Charles II Quotes
November 9th, 1697 (November 09 1697)EventPope Innocent XII founds the city of Cervia.
November 9th, 1688 (November 09 1688)EventThe Glorious Revolution: William of Orange captures Exeter.
November 9th, 1664 (November 09 1664)BirthHenry Wharton, English writer (died in 1695)
November 9th, 1641 (November 09 1641)DeathCardinal-Infante Ferdinand, Governor of the Netherlands and Bishop of Toledo
November 9th, 1623 (November 09 1623)DeathWilliam Camden, English historian (born in 1551)
November 9th, 1620 (November 09 1620)EventPilgrims aboard the Mayflower sight land at Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
November 9th, 1522 (November 09 1522)BirthMartin Chemnitz, German theologian (died in 1586)
November 9th, 1504 (November 09 1504)DeathKing Ferdinand II of Aragon (born in 1452)
November 9th, 1494 (November 09 1494)EventFamily de Medici become rulers of Florence.
November 9th, 1492 (November 09 1492)EventPeace of Etaples between Henry VII and Charles VIII.
November 9th, 1414 (November 09 1414)BirthAlbert III, Margrave of Brandenburg (died in 1486)
November 9th, 1389 (November 09 1389)BirthIsabella of Valois, queen consort of England (died in 1409)
November 9th, 1330 (November 09 1330)EventBattle of Posada, Wallachian Voievode Basarab I defeats the Hungarian army in an ambush
November 9th, 1313 (November 09 1313)EventLouis the Bavarian defeats his cousin Frederick I of Austria at the Battle of Gamelsdorf.
November 9th, 1282 (November 09 1282)EventPope Martin IV excommunicates King Peter III of Aragon.
November 9th, 1208 (November 09 1208)DeathSancha of Castile, wife of Alfonso II of Aragon (born in 1155)
November 9th, 1187 (November 09 1187)DeathEmperor Gaozong of China (born in 1107)
November 9th, 0959 (November 09 0959)DeathConstantine VII, Byzantine Emperor (born in 905)
November 9th, 0694 (November 09 0694)EventEgica, a king of the Visigoths of Hispania, accuses Jews of aiding Muslims, sentencing all Jews to slavery.

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